Madrid & Toledo

Another day, more museums to visit and more tapas to eat. We started the day in Chueca where we checked out a bunch of shops and unsuccessfully tried to have lunch (unfortunately, no restaurant in Cheuca seems to open before 1:30). Afterwards, we hopped on a train for a short 30-minute ride to Toledo. Toledo is nice but I guess I was expecting something akin to Taxco and found some of the admission fees to small attractions rather steep but Adam really enjoyed the town. The views from one of the museums we visited was nice.


After we returned to Madrid, we stopped off at Caixa Forum, which has a cool living wall.


We decided to return to Old Madrid to try some of the tapas bars we didn’t get a chance to try the night before where I had one of the best seafood dishes I’ve ever had, a black lasagna filled with monkfish and topped with a creamy sauce and shrimp and we shared the best tuna burger we’ve ever had, a small tuna burger with a miso sauce on the side. While we had a lot of good food in Spain, I don’t think any of our other culinary experiences left the lasting impressions that these dishes left. We left Old Madrid very, very happy.

Plaza near our hotel (name unknown)

Plaza Mayor


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