On our way to the Museo de America, Adam had his first and, sadly, only churros y chocolate which, unfortunately, wasn’t very good. The museum, however, was a very good one and, afterwards, we grabbed lunch at La Finca de Susana where we shared an extremely heavy goat cheese salad (the cheese must have been 100% milk fat and the salad was drenched in olive oil–a product perhaps of Spain being a major producer of olives) and our first, and sadly last, gazpacho. Adam ordered the duck confit which, even to a non-duck eater like me, was very good and I ordered cuttlefish and black rice which was good but a little less to my liking. We headed back to our hotel to grab our luggage and then it was onto the train station for the two and a half hour train ride to Sevilla.

The person at the front desk of our hotel was probably the most intimidating hotel desk clerks we’d ever encountered (he looked like he would have broken the legs of anyone who neglected to pay their bill!) and both the hotel elevator and our room were tiny but, despite this, we enjoyed our first night in Sevilla immensely. We walked down past the bull ring in Sevilla to the promenade along the river, had some tapas and sangria nearby, and then walked along Avenida de la Constitucion, the main pedestrian thoroughfare, amidst the calls of barn swallows, strolling tourists and locals, and the screeching of cars on the narrow cobblestone streets and took photos of the Cathedral and other nighttime attractions in Sevilla.




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