Walking into bollards in Sevilla

The day started out auspiciously enough–we didn’t make it to the ceramic shops across the river that I wanted to check out so I settled for El Postigo and afterwards found some great Fred Perry sneakers for Adam. We went to the cathedral and then to the Casa de Pilatos. And then just as we left Casa de Pilatos and Adam told me to start looking for the restaurant I was hoping to have lunch at, I walked straight into one of the many metal bollards that line Sevilla’s narrow streets and gasped in pain (not unlike the time I stubbed my toe in Panama City). I hobbled weakly to the restaurant, sighed with relief once we got there, and kept my fingers crossed that the thermal baths we had an appointment to visit at this place would cure my ailing leg. We didn’t have a lot of time for lunch and I foolishly ordered the lobster paella which took half an hour to prepare and then took us another half an hour to eat (Adam and I are both, unfortunately, not skilled in the art of cracking lobsters) and by the time we got the spa, we lost twenty minutes on our hour time slot to use the baths. The whirlwind of rushing to the spa dissipated, however, as we entered the baths which were very cool and relaxing. They did not, however, cure my leg as I had hoped and I hobbled back to our hotel for another siesta.

Catedral de Sevilla

Catedral de Sevilla

Casa de Pilatos garden

Casa de Pilatos garden


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