Wednesday we woke up bright and early as we had tickets to see the Alhambra at 8:30. Fortunately for us, this is the first time slot of the day so, despite the lines outside, we found ourselves alone in some portions of the Palacio Nazaries. I’ll admit that the Alhambra is large, the owner of the hotel we stayed at almost had a heart attack when he heard we had a 2:00 flight to catch, but Adam and I actually managed to finish seeing just about all of it within two hours. Some photos below:






After the Alhambra, we had a little time left before having to leave to catch the bus to the airport and we went back to Alabaicin to check out an old Moorish bathouse.  Then, it was off to the airport to catch our plane to Barcelona.

After we checked into our hotel, a charming bed & breakfast in L’Eixample, we headed over to the Metro station but on our way there, I spotted a cool Gaudi-style building so we went in to check it out.  It turned out to be an Asian cultural center and they had an excellent photography exhibit of pre- and post Communist era China.  After we left the cultural center, we hopped on a subway to head over to Gaudi’s Parc Guell.  The park was packed with people, further reinforcing the park’s Candyland-like feel.  I would imagine, though, that not many people though can say they’ve visited the Alhambra and Parc Guell in one day!  We were hungry after visiting the park and had excellent tapas at a restaurant back in L’Eixample and strolled back towards our hotel.  There were lots of shops and eateries along the way, and we stopped off at this place to pick up some pastries.  We also passed several wine stores on our way back to our hotel and Adam smartly picked up a few bottles of wine to enjoy back at the hotel.  A low-key but nice way to end our first day in Barcelona!


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