We had an 11:50 train to catch to Granada, which meant we only had a few hours to explore the Alcazar.  As we were to learn later on, the Alacazar is like a mini-Alhambra–similar Moorish architecture and details, only I think the gardens at the Alcazar were actually nicer than those at the Alhambra.





After we finished seeing the Alcazar, we caught our train for the three-hour ride to Granada.  The hotel owner was nice enough to give us some tips for visiting the Alhambra the following day and then we set out to check out some of the sights in our new city.  On our way to the Catedral, I noticed a display of one of one of my favorite lentil dishes through the window of an informal eatery and was pleasantly surprised to find a vegetarian buffet style eatery inside (sometimes a girl just needs her veggies!)

After we saw the Cathedral, we walked along Calle de Elvira, which was filled with Arab stores and then walked along the Rio Darro into Albaicin, the old Arab Quarter of Granada.  After enjoying the views at the top of the hill, we made our way back down.  I really wanted to have Middle Eastern food in Granada so we went to a tapas bar that featured Moroccan influenced tapas that was pretty good.  Around the corner was a tapas bar that featured Brazilian influenced tapas that we went to check out afterwards and we were glad we did.  The owner, who was originally from England, was friendly, the tapas were good and cheap, and it was there that I was to discover my new favorite liquor, honey rum.  Adam struck up a conversation with the girl sitting next to him, who turned out to be a student from Hawaii and who we later found out, coincidentally had a tattoo of the slogan that Adam had bought a postcard of earlier.


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