Staycation, New York Style

Memorial Day weekend may be a popular getaway weekend but instead of going away, Adam and I cat sat for some friends at their apartment on the Upper West Side. We took advantage of the opportunity to have dinner at Kefi–I think Greek restaurants are best enjoyed with a group of people so you can order a bunch of appetizers (and other dishes) to share and this was certainly the case with Kefi. We shared their selection of spreads, grilled octopus with bean salad, sheep milk ravioli, shrimp with orzo, and Greek salad and, with the exception of the Greek salad, everything was very good.

Friday and Saturday we hung out with my brother, who moved to Seattle last fall. Friday, we had dinner at Spunto, a pizza place that I’ve been wanting to try for a while mostly because they have a pizza called Shroomtown (I’m a huge mushroom fan). Shroomtown was very good though not IMHO as good as the mushroom pizza at Certe. Even better was the mushroom pizza with the addition of ricotta. My sister had feared two large pizzas would be too much for us but we managed to polish off both pizzas fairly easily. Saturday we went to water taxi beach which still, of course, has its impressive views but I think has lost its charm over the years. Today, I went to the Indonesian food bazaar which, unfortunately, had been reported on in the Times, and so was pretty crowded by 11:30 but still had its charms including, of course, good food.

Banana leaf wrapped spiced chicken with tempeh and rice noodles- yum!

Banana leaf wrapped spiced chicken with tempeh and rice noodles- yum!

Chicken satay

Chicken satay

Indonesian food festival mortar and pestle 5-09

Then, it was onto the Ernesto Neto installation at the Park Avenue Armory which was actually disappointing though I made the mistake of thinking it was an exhibit, not just one installation. I did get some cool photos out of it though (sorry for the date stamps–in my clumsy attempt to turn off my flash, I accidentally turned on the date stamp).

Ernesto Neto installation 1

Ernesto Neto installation 2


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