Save for the dried morels Adam was thoughtful enough to buy for me for my birthday, I’ve only had morels twice in my life–once in Paris and once in Buenos Aires but, somehow, I’ve managed to develop an obsession for morels ever since that fateful meal in Paris. Unfortunately, only a handful of restaurants seem to serve morels here in NYC and, of the few that do, most are spendy. Fortunately, this year, Chowhound posters seem to be posting more about morels so I’ve been on the lookout and today, I finally came across the long sought after mushroom. They were $15 per quarter pound so I gingerly picked a few. My mind raced thinking about ways I could cook them but the dish I had in Buenos Aires stood out–a medium rare steak with a morel sauce. I picked up a hangar steak and as soon as I got home set about cooking risotto which I thought would go perfectly with my planned dish. I looked up steak with morel recipes online and found two that were similar and set about cooking the steak and morel sauce once the risotto was done. The result was disappointing–the sauce was a lot thinner than the one from Buenos Aires and didn’t seem well suited for the morels. Fortunately, I have a few left and plan on trying another dish tomorrow.

The coveted mushroom

The coveted mushroom


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