Weekend adventures

It’s been a while since I last posted so I thought I’d fill you in on my most recent food-related and other adventures.  First, a few weeks ago, I baked cupcakes for what was only my second time ever.  I prefer to make things low-fat so I went with a low-fat chocolate cupcake recipe and a non low-fat mocha frosting.  Usually, my low-fat creations come out fine but these cupcakes were a little dry but the frosting was really good.

chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting

On Friday, my brother and I went to the High Line, a park on an elevated rail line in Manhattan that just opened a few weeks ago.  It was really nice–the design is very innovative and the plantings unique.

High Line 1

High Line 2

High Line 3

High Line 4

Sunday, I went back to the Indonesian food festival–I was hoping they’d have the stuffed banana leaf dish that I enjoyed the last time but, unfortunately, they didn’t have it so I tried a dish that was basically comprised of diced chicken and mushrooms over noodles with a meatball soup ladled over.

Indonesian food festival noodle dish 6-09

Yesterday, I went to the Fancy Food Show, which, is kind of a World Expo of food, featuring different foods from across the country and around the world.  Located at the Jacob Javits Center, the show is huge, a vast expanse of food, beverages, and wine.  I loved it–to be able to nibble a wide range of cheeses, sample different coffees, try different pastas and pasta sauces, and try other foods is great.  My favorite items included an award-winning soft goat cheese from Northern Spain, an ice cream made of a fruit indigenous to Peru, and a line of dark chocolate drinks from Switzerland.

Peru pavillion fancy food fest 6-09

It’s been a good summer so far–hope there’s more fun to come!


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