Stone Barns and Storm King Art Center

Perhaps I’ve romanticized the concept of sustainable farming too much but I had been wanting to go to Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture forever. When my friend, Ingrid, picked me up, however, she tempered my expectations by pointing out that it’s small and, indeed, she was right. I was hoping to see lots of farm animals but there were only pens containing turkeys and pigs and then geese and sheep out in the pasture. But it was still nice and the food at the cafe was very fresh-tasting and tasty!

geese- Stone Barns 1

geese- Stone Barns 2

sheep- Stone Barns

salads- Stone Barns

frittata- Stone Barns

After Stone Barns, we drove over to Storm King Art Center–another destination I’ve been wanting to go to for a while.  I guess I should have figured it out from the photos but Storm King is large, larger than I thought with vast rolling lawns and sculptures nestled amidst the landscape.
Fortunately, there’s a tram that circles the property so we didn’t have to trek too much.  Some photos below.

stone wall- Storm King Art Center

columns- Storm King Art Center

sculpture- Storm King Art Center

sculpture- Storm King Art Center 2

sculptures- Storm King Art Center

sculptures- Storm King Art Center 2

Walking around Storm King made me peckish so we stopped off at Woody’s All Natural, a eatery with fast food type fare but made from meat and produce purchased from local farms.  After discovering their beef is locally sourced, I quickly switched my order from a portobello sandwich to a hamburger and was sad later to learn that they also had turkey sliders (I was too full from the burger to order sliders).  Wish they had an eatery like this serving inexpensive local sustainable fare in NYC!


2 Responses to “Stone Barns and Storm King Art Center”

  1. ingrid Says:

    your photos are terrific! I love how the Sol Lewitt square sculpture looks like it’s floating above the grass. What a great day trip! And I am still thinking of those delicious burgers…

  2. chubbychinesegirl Says:

    ahhh!!! Hi Jennifer, finally found your site!, I’ve been wanting to go to Storm King for a long time! Your pics made me wanna go even more =)

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