Chapada dos Guimaraes

The next morning, we had to catch an early morning flight (one of many early mornings we would have in Brazil) to Cuiaba, our base for the Pantanal.  Our Pantanal tour company liaison, Jean, met us at the airport and we headed straight for Chapada dos Guimaraes. The Chapada took some time to get to so our first stop was lunch at Morro dos Ventos, a popular restaurant with views of the Chapada.  I took the opportunity to try a sampler of the local fish dishes which was tasty and perfect for the hot weather (Cuiaba is known as the hottest place in Brazil!)  Just as we finished lunch and were about to head out, it started pouring without any warning–fortunately, it turned out to be a passing storm so we were able to wait it out and head out to explore the Chapada. We stopped at a vista point, then went to Veu de Noiva, the highest waterfall in the region which, unfortunately, probably because it was well into the dry season, a very unimpressive waterfall.

Chapada dos Guimaraes- waterfall

It was also our first taste of the hot weather of the area as getting to the waterfall required a quarter mile walk through an unshaded trail.  We noticed people looking extremely hot and tired walking in the opposite direction when we started the walk and then became those people once we walked back the same way.  Jean took us to a smaller waterfall nearby to cool down but the area around the waterfall was muddy and there were a lot of people splashing around the waterfall so I declined the opportunity to join them.

bathing waterfall

Within half an hour, the wind picked up and it became dark and cloudy and we made our way back to the car just as it started raining again.  Adam and I were pretty disappointed with the Chapada though I’m sure there were other locations within the Chapada that we didn’t go to that we would have been impressed by.


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