Rio, Day 2

Fortunately, the weather was bright and sunny on Sunday so we headed out early to go to Corcovado.  We hopped in a taxi and I asked the driver to take us there.  This would be my first experience learning that knowing only a handful of Portuguese words can make communication with Brazilians very challenging.  I won’t bore you with the details but the morning was one filled with confusion and frustration, trying not to get hit by the cars and vans winding their way up and down the road to Corcovado, disappointment with the cloud-obscured views, and fleeting happiness at seeing monkeys (our first time seeing monkeys in the wild).


Afterwards, we caught a cab to a restaurant for lunch where we had our first moqueca and then strolled around Rio’s botanical garden which was nice and relaxing.

Jardim Botanico

Adam convinced me that the views at Sugarloaf would be just as disappointing as those at Corcovado so we decided to visit a mall near Sugarloaf instead (one thing I share with many Brazilians is a love of shopping!) and go to the Museu do Indio, a small but nice museum with a collection of indigenous artifacts.  Maria had invited to her sister’s that night to celebrate her sister’s birthday so we headed over there after.  Her sister’s apartment overlooks Parque do Flamengo and has fantastic views of the park, Sugarloaf, and the ocean.  We had the pleasure of meeting many members of Maria’s family, many of whom were professors and/or creative professionals.  The conversations were stimulating and caipirinhas forthcoming–we were very grateful for Maria and her family’s hospitality!


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