Pantanal, Day 1

We met our fellow Pantanal tour members the following morning as we waited for the van to take us to the Pantanal–a woman named Claudia along with her older parents from Germany. Claudia had spent some time in Brazil and, fortunately for us, was fluent in Portuguese. We boarded the van and eventually made our way to Transpantaneira Road, a dirt road that cuts across the Pantanal and a great corridor for viewing wildlife. We saw a Jabiru Stork, baby caimin (a kind of crocodile or alligator), and Adam’s beloved capybara.

Jabiru stork

baby caiman

The landscape was dotted with many termite mounds. Once we made it to our hotel, we were introduced to the other member of our group, Baya, a young woman from Mongolia who was living in Brazil, and our guide, Flavio, a native of the Amazon and then took an evening boat ride along a river. We saw another Jabiru stork, this one ended up catching a fish and had to make several attempts to position the fish so it could swallow it. Flavio pointed out a number of birds during the ride and, at one point, when he spotted a hawk, threw a fish into the river so we’d have a chance of photographing it in action. We also saw an adult caimin which was also lured into getting close to the boat with the promise of a fish. We were treated to a sunset as our boat ride drew to an end and, once we came on shore another caimin was spotted and lured on shore with a fish.

bird silhouette 1

monkey day 1

baby capybara day 1

boat ride sunset 1

boat ride sunset 2

After dinner, we went for a night safari–before we got started, they shut down the vehicle so we could see the fireworks of fireflies around us, the night sky twinkling with stars, and hear the frogs in their nocturnal chorus–it was pretty magical. We ended up seeing only a few animals but it was still nice to get some fresh air and the prospect of seeing nocturnal wildlife was pretty alluring.


One Response to “Pantanal, Day 1”

  1. chubby chinese girl Says:

    sounds really exciting even though u didnt get to see much, fireflies are beautiful… =) ur trips looks so fun

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