Pantanal, Day 2

Another day in Brazil, another early morning, this time for a boat ride followed by a hike through a wooded area along the river.  During the boat ride, we saw a family Giant Otters.  Unfortunately, they were leery of us and kept their distance.  It was interesting listening to them though.

We didn’t spot many animals on our hike, unfortunately, and by the end of it I was very hot and uncomfortable.  We took a break after the hike and I had decided by that point against going on the horseback riding excursion since it was starting at 3:30 and I suspected that the ride would take place on the open plain with no protection from the strong Pantanal sun.  Adam went ahead and I killed the time reading in our room and observing the Southern Lapwing pair outside our room guarding their chicks against any perceived dangers.  I started getting restless and was about to attempt biking when I spotted Flavio walking back and approached him when he informed me that Adam had been involved in an accident.  I ran out to meet Adam and he told me his horse had freaked out and started running very rapidly and trying to throw him off when, scared that the horse would fall on top of him, he quickly slid his feet out of the stirrups and fell off the horse, scraping his face and injuring his wrist in the process.  His wrist was swollen and in pain so we quickly got some ice and Flavio told us a vehicle would arrive in about an hour to take Adam to the hospital.

I had joked to Adam the day before that it was a good thing that Claudia was a doctor in case one of us got dengue fever and it turned out to be a blessing that she was.  She kindly agreed to accompany us to the hospital and once the vehicle arrived we set off on the Transpantaneira for the nearest hospital which was an hour away.  We arrived to the hospital which was very different from the hospitals we’re accustomed to in New York City but not busy or scary.  Adam was seen by the doctor within fifteen minutes and the doctor recommended he be x-rayed to make sure he hadn’t sustained any fractures.  We were relieved that they had an x-ray machine and were apprehensive when we were told the x-ray technician had already left but, fortunately, he got to the hospital quickly and took the x-rays, which revealed Adam hadn’t broken any bones.  Unfortunately, Adam was in significant pain by this point, not only from his wrist but also his back and I was extremely nervous he had damaged his back as well (luckily, there doesn’t appear to have been any back damage [at least so far, knock on wood!]).  The doctor placed a cast around Adam’s wrist and prescribed him an antibiotic for his scratches as well as a painkiller.  Adam asked Flavio how much he’d have to pay and Flavio responded nothing since he was a tourist.  A nerve wrecking experience but one that could have been much worse.

looking at Adams xray

Adam getting cast applied


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