Salvador, Day 1

We had another early morning flight and, unfortunately, Adam was hit with bad food poisoning in the middle of the night which had left him in poor shape.  Fortunately, Claudia had medicine to treat nausea which helped Adam during the flight.  When we arrived to our hostel in Salvador, Adam removed his cast which he found extremely uncomfortable so we decided to search for a soft brace.  Our hotel was in Barra which is known for its beach and we had lunch at a restaurant by the beach.  Bahia is well known for its moqueca so we tried their moqueca which was good but I’m not a huge fan of since I’m not a big coconut milk fan.


It was very hot in Salvador, the heat was pretty similar in fact to the Pantanal.  Fortunately, there is a shopping mall in Barra which is where we decided to go to search for the brace.  We lucked out–there was a medical supply store on the first floor of the mall!  After exploring the mall we headed back to the hostel, napped, and then went downstairs for the free caipirinhas the hostel offers at 7.  I started talking to one of the women there who happened to have just arrived in Salvador that day as well.  She and the woman she had come with were from New Zealand and we agreed to get dinner together.  We introduced them to moqueca and talked about maybe doing something the following night.


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