Salvador, Day 2

One of Salvador’s main draws is Pelourinho, Salvador’s historic center. Unfortunately, Pelourinho is also reputed to be dangerous, a concept which our hostel’s owner only reinforced through his reports of cocaine use by local youth and their propensity for theft. He recommended against bringing a camera unless we went as part of a tour group–I was reluctant to leave my camera at home but was also reluctant to go with a tour group so I asked him if knew of any private guides. He said he did, phoned his contact, and told us he would be available at 1. The two women from New Zealand, Verena and Emma, decided to join us and at 1 we headed off to the Pelourinho with our guide, Marcus. Marcus was super friendly and we were able to explore the Pel, as locals call it, and snap away without having to worry too much about someone snatching our cameras. While touristy, I found the Pel very charming and there were a surprising number of free and very good museums within the area.

view from Pelourinho 1

view from Pelourinho 2

people walking thru Pelourinho

berimbaus and boy

Igreja de Sao Francisco- Pel

Igreja de Sao Francisco- interior- Pel

After Marcus had to leave, Adam and I walked down a street towards Praca da Se, Pel’s main plaza, where we noticed some guys doing capoeira, and heard people singing music from some of the buildings near the plaza. We got dinner with Verena and Emma at a restaurant closer to the theater where were hoping to see a folkloric show and then headed off to the theater. I enjoyed the show a lot–think Stomp Bahian style.

Pelourinho- evening shot


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  1. chubby chinese girl Says:

    looks so beautiful, love the last pic … I am completely jealous!

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