Salvador, Day 4

I wanted to return to Pelourinho on our last day in Salvador to check out some museums that are open only during the week so I made arrangements to meet up with Marcus again and we headed off for the Pel.  I was hoping to buy some crafts as well but our time was limited so we only ended up going to a few shops.  We ended with lunch at a restaurant at the top floor of Mercado Modelo which was a large circular space with views of the water along the perimeter.  After lunch, Marcus brought us to the basement of the building, which still housed remnants of the slave warehouse–it was a moving testimony to Salvador’s tragic history.  It was time, unfortunately, for us to bid farewell to Salvador and hop on a plane back to Rio.

plaza Pelourinho shot from above

cool buildings Salvador

Unfortunately, we hit bad weather flying into Rio and the pilot had to circle around the airport for nearly an hour before being able to land.  I had arranged for transfer service from the airport to our bed & breakfast in Ipanema and the person who picked us up introduced himself as the brother of the guy from the B&B who I had corresponded with.  We were lucky he drove us to the B&B because it was really pouring in Rio ( taxi drivers in Brazil have a reputation for being pretty reckless drivers which did not contradict our experiences)  I had read that the B&B was pretty informal but it was still amusing to walk through an apartment filled with glass cases containing porcelain figurines to get to our room.  We grabbed dinner at a nearby wine bar-restaurant–as much as I like caipirinhas, it was nice to share a bottle of wine and finally eat food that wasn’t oversalted (which, unfortunately, had been the case with much of the food we ate in Salvador)


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