Catching up

There’s been a lot worth posting about over the past two months but, unfortunately, between post-vacation catch up, Adam’s broken wrist (unfortunately, the fall off the horse in Brazil fractured his wrist and misaligned his cartilage, requiring surgery), going to L.A., and finding out our beloved cat, Rusty, has lymphoma, finding time to download and label photos and post entries hasn’t been easy but I thought it was about time that I do it.  I have a lot of photos from L.A. so I’m doing a pre-L.A. post and then an L.A. post.  Last month, we went to a few foodie and wine-related events, including a Jackson Heights food group get-together at Friends Korean RestaurantJeff, the organizer, went over the menu with the chef before everyone arrived and we got to try about thirty different dishes.  I’ve had a lot of Korean food but this was the first time I had non-Korean barbecue/bone marrow soup/noodles and dumplings/Woorjiip Korean dishes and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  A few photos below

The next week, we went to Ihawan for some Filipino barbecue.  I’d been wanting to go for a while but realized that I prefer Brazilian barbecue over Filipino barbecue.  Adam ordered this cool looking drink though.

Afterwards, we went to the only good cafe in our part of Queens that we’ve been able to find, Espresso 77.  The photo below is of their mocha latte but it’s actually their seasonal apple cider chai latte that I found delectable.


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