I’ve been going to L.A. every year for the past ten plus years to visit my family and, it’s safe to say, sometimes I take it for granted.  But not this year–I definitely took the opportunity to try new restaurants and just had a really good time there overall.  I arrived on Thanksgiving Day and helped cook a dish for Thanksgiving dinner (probably the only Thanksgiving-esque meal we had that evening!)  The next day, we went to Alhambra to see my dad’s Chinese herbalist doctor which was interesting–I’ve been trying to take the Chinese herbs he gave me but even combined with pear juice it isn’t easy on the palette.  The doctor’s visit was followed by lunch at Lunasa Chinese Cuisine, a popular dim sum place in Alhambra.

Dumpling innards

Roasted pork belly

The next day, we went to Mitsuwa Plaza for some tasty ramen at Santouka.


Japanese eyecandy

Afterwards, I went to LACMA which I really enjoyed and has a cool outdoor installation.

Sunday, I went with my dad to the Chinatown in downtown L.A.  Even though we were there to pick up lunch to bring back home, I couldn’t resist stopping by a Vietnamese eatery for some pho, spring rolls, and Vietnamese coffee.

In the evening, we watched the sun set at Venice pier and then walked along Venice canals.

Monday was my last full day in L.A. and we went to one of my favorite standbys, Beacon. We had some extremely delectable noodles–my entree was pretty good as well.

Lunch was followed by a stroll along Main Street in Santa Monica and the area around Third Street Promenade.  While I was walking along Main Street, I came across a really cool gallery and snapped the photos below.

This is actually a bird cage that housed a few mourning doves

I was sad to leave L.A.–I wish I was still there now, especially considering how cold it’s gotten in New York!


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