Air travel ordeal

I knew heavy rain was forecasted for the late afternoon and evening so I was a little apprehensive about our flight to Athens but I had no idea what an ordeal getting to Athens would turn into.  We arrived at the airport two hours before our flight was scheduled to depart, as we typically do, but when we tried checking in using a kiosk, an error message appeared so we went to wait on the kiosk assistance line.  The line was long but not crazy long but we soon discovered that made no difference as there were only two agents serving our line and they were spending a minimum of 15 minutes on each customer.  The line moved at a snail’s pace and by the time we reached the end of it, I was in a panic as there was only an hour left before our scheduled flight time.  I asked anyone who appeared approachable if another agent could help out with our line to no avail and when we finally reached an agent, we were told that it was too late for us to get on our flight and that the next available flight was scheduled for the evening,  involved a stop-over in Paris (the flight we had booked was non-stop), and would get us to Athens about five hours after we were originally supposed to land.  We were not happy campers and decided to kill some time at a bar where we were subjected to a girl’s very audible ramblings about a frightening mugging experience in Rome.

We boarded our flight at the appointed time by which point the cleared skies suddenly morphed into torrents of water streaming down from the skies and we were informed that our flight would be delayed.  Two hours turned into three hours which ran into four hours before our plane finally left the tarmac.  It totally sucked, especially since we knew we would now miss our connecting flight though at least I was able to console myself with Air France’s in-flight entertainment system.  We arrived in Paris in the morning and I took the opportunity to grab a sandwich (one thing I had been impressed during our last trip to Paris was the sandwiches) and we were fortunate enough at least to only have a shortish wait before the next flight to Athens.

We arrived to our hotel in Athens in the evening and decided to find a restaurant for dinner.  A Spanish tapas restaurant seemed to be the most appealing choice to me and it turned out to be a good choice for our first meal in Greece, even if it wasn’t Greek.  We had finally made it to our destination.


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