Athens, pt I

The hotel we were staying in was only a five minute walk from the National Archaeological Museum so we checked out the museum in the morning, then went to a few department stores, grabbed lunch, got lost trying to find the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art and ended up getting there just as they were closing, which I was extremely disappointed by.  Luckily, the staff person let us in for about five minutes so we were able to get  a quick glimpse of the first and second floors.

We visited a few more shops, I picked up a filo chicken pie from Ariston, killed some time at a bar, and then went to get dinner at Tzitzikas kai Mermigas.  We ordered a few mezes,  a Cretan salad, and a pork dish–we enjoyed the zucchini fritters which were fresh and well-seasoned but didn’t love the rest of the dishes but I did learn that the name of the restaurant was a reference to one of Aesop’s tales.

Cretan salad


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