Naxos, Day 1

We caught a morning ferry to Naxos and checked into our hotel in Old Naxos Town.  Our room was great–featuring a four post bed, daybed, and a private patio.  We set out to explore Naxos Town a little which was surprisingly empty in contrast to Mykonos Town.  We soon discovered, however, that the majority of tourists were concentrated along the waterfront.  We walked along the waterfront, and then up a busy street filled with shops, including several nice food stores.  When we circled back to Old Naxos Town and when a shop keeper kindly informed us that most of the area attractions closed around 2, we decided to head up towards the Venetian Kastro fort to check out the archaelogical museum and Venetian museum.  Starving, we made our way back down and were surprised to discover many of the restaurants were only open for dinner.  Fortunately, we managed to find one restaurant that was open.  We ordered a few appetizers, including their goat cheese which made by their grandmother which was delicious.  Adam had read that one of the local specialities is rooster cooked in red wine so he ordered this while I decided to order spaghetti with octopus.  I liked my dish but once I tasted Adam’s entree, I was in love–it was really good.

We retired to our hotel room, and then set out again for dinner.  Since we had missed the sunsets in Mykonos, I thought we could go to a local restaurant that had nice views of the water.  We ordered a few appetizers including, their eggplant in casserole dish with feta which turned out to be one of the best appetizers we had in Greece.  We enjoyed the sunset, walked, around old Naxos town for a bit, and then had gelatos on the waterfront.

Octopus with spaghetti

Rooster cooked in red wine

The requisite cat sleeping photo


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