Naxos, Day 2

I had reserved an automatic car to explore the island (supposedly, automatic rental cars are not easy to find on Naxos) so we set out the next morning to the car rental place.  Our only shared experience with cars was when we inherited a car from Adam’s family about six years ago which we used to meet with wedding vendors and then promptly got rid of and, since he was doing the driving, Adam was pretty nervous about the whole affair.  We picked up the car and then set out for the roads of Naxos which, unfortunately, turned out to be narrow and windy in many sections but also, fortunately, pretty empty.  Our first destination was Apiranthos, a small mountain village on the other side of the island.  We arrived without incident and, after asking several people, managed to track down the Archaelogical Museum which turned out to be very small and modest.  We explored the town a little more and then returned to the car and set out for Halki, a small village in the center of the island.  The concentration of attractions in Halki are centered around the village plaza so we went in a few shops, the local kitron distillery.  Much to my dismay, the restaurant I wanted to go to for lunch was only open for dinner so we just ate at the main restaurant in the plaza which was a disappointment.

I had been hoping to visit one or two of the beaches south of Naxos Town afterwards (Naxos supposedly has the best beaches of the Cyclades Islands) but got us lost trying to find one so we decided to head back to the car rental agency and catch a bus to the closest beach.  The beach was crowded and not particularly notable and I couldn’t find a changing room so we just camped out on our rented beach chairs and people-watched for a little while and then caught a taxi back to Naxos Town.  We had dinner at a restaurant with a cool name (Typographica) in Old Naxos Town.




One Response to “Naxos, Day 2”

  1. alittledinnermusic Says:

    I’m so sorry that you didn’t find the beaches south of Naxos Town. We rented a dune buggy, which broke down and got switched out for a four-wheeler, and made it all the way down to Agiossos (best day of my life!). If you make it back, go with the smaller off-road rentals to take the sand/dirt roads right along the coast. Harder to get lost if you can see the water off on and the whole way.

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