Santorini, Day 1

Another day, another ferry–this time to our last Greek island destination, Santorini.  We disembarked the ferry and boarded a bus to take us up to Fira.  The bus wound its way up a narrow cliffside road that reminded us of the Amalfi coast in Italy.  We got out Fira and found ourselves walking along a sidewalk-less vehicle-filled road to our hotel.  After checking in, we headed over to Pelican for lunch.  We ordered Santorini’s famed tomato fritters which were tasty and I had a grilled fish.  After lunch, we made our way to the caldera (cliffside walk) and admired the views of the ocean.

We decided to catch the sunset in Oia so we caught a bus to Oia and walked along Oia’s caldera, admiring the views of the water and wishing we could take a dip in one of the private pools overlooking the ocean.  It was really hot, so we took a break at an internet cafe and made our way to Amoudi Port for dinner.  The port is accessed by some 200-something steps down from Oia and the views from these steps were impressive.  I awarded myself with lobster spaghetti once we reached our destination.  The dish was pricey but very tasty, with the spaghetti cooked in lobster broth.  We sat with the water inches away watching the sunset.  The trek down to Amoudi Port hadn’t been easy and I secretly prayed we wouldn’t have to walk back up so I was happy when our waiter said he could call a taxi for us.  On the way back to Fira, the taxi driver picked up a couple (we’d read this was common in Santorini) and started talking and ended up getting a drink at one of the local bars.  They were an Australian couple from Melbourne and we ended up having a lot to talk about so it was fun.  They were on a tour of Greece and noted their tour guide had said that the sunset that night was the worst one she’d seen to date (seeing the sunset in Santorini was one thing I had really been looking forward to)–oh well, guess you can’t win them all.

View from the caldera in Fira



View of Oia from steps down to Amoudi Port

Amoudi Port


One Response to “Santorini, Day 1”

  1. alittledinnermusic Says:

    Hi, there. We just went to Greece in August and hit up Santorini and Naxos, same as you. I am loving reliving our trip through your blog.

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