Santorini, Day 2

Unfortunately for Adam (who was nursing a hangover from the night before), we had purchased tickets for a volcano tour for early afternoon.  We took a cable car from Fira down to the port and waited for the boat to arrive.  The boat rocked pretty significantly while it was docked at the port, making me sea-sick and I was extremely tempted to leave but, fortunately, it left a few minutes later and the rocking stopped.  We arrived at Nea Kamini, the volcano island and began our ascent to the crater.  It was a neat experience but also very very hot–we took refuge at every rest stop.  Poor Adam looked like he had seen better days but we finally made it to the crater.  We turned around and began the descent and waited for our boat once we got back down to the entrance.  We had lunch on the caldera and parted ways briefly so I could browse the shops while Adam took a shower and a nap.

In the evening we got dinner at a restaurant in a less populated portion of the caldera overlooking the ocean.  The views were gorgeous and there was only one other couple dining on the upper level.  We had a delicious salad caprese followed by entrees.  I was dismayed to learn the two entrees featuring mushrooms (I’m obsessed with mushrooms) weren’t available and settled for the steak with green Madagascar peppercorns which was quite good.  I retured to bed very happy.

Nea Kameni

Horses sharing the road in Fira

View of Fira from our restaurant


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