We hopped on a bus in the morning to go to Pyrgos, a small village not too far from Fira.  We walked its labryinth streets taking in the sights and then made the descent back down to the bus station to catch a bus back to Fira. We ate lunch at the popular Mama’s House, went to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the local archaeological museum (most archaeological museums in Greece seemed to be filled with vases to my chagrin).  We then had to take a taxi to the airport to catch a flight back to Athens.

Despite our obvious affinity for Manu Chao, which he played at one point, our taxi driver from the airport in Athens didn’t say a word to us and managed to overcharge us.  He dropped us off at the address we gave him and we then spent the next hour trying to find our hotel.  The receptionist was unsympathetic and when I realized we would need a room with air-conditioning, she came up and turned on the A/C to the lowest setting possible and left with the A/C controller, to my dismay.  On top of that, our room was disappointing, a dark sparse room with two beds and a shower with no shower curtain.  We cooled down for a bit and then made our way to the restaurant we had made a reservation for.  En route, we passed by a supermarket which I had to check out and we emerged with several bags of groceries (I love checking out supermarkets in different countries).  The restaurant boasts nice views of the Acropolis and we were happy with our food, which included boiled greens and a tasty roooster in red wine sauce with pasta.



View from Pyrgos

Acropolis from our restaurant

A couple celebrates their anniversary


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