Busy week

Last week was a pretty busy one for me.  Adam and I had dinner with a friend of his visiting from San Francisco on Wednesday at Traif in Williamsburg.  The food was pretty good–my favorites were the spicy tuna tartare and strawberry cobbler with passion fruit cream.

pork belly over corn and tomatoes

strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back ribs

Afterwards, Adam and I went to Roneria Caracas, a bar specializing in rum drinks.  I had a blood orange rum drink and Adam had a dark and stormy which he claimed was the best one he’s had to date.

Friday, we had dinner in Astoria and stopped off at Astoria Wine and Spirits where they had these cute wine bottle covers.

Saturday, I went on a tour of Bannerman Castle, the only castle on an island in the Hudson River, with my friend Ingrid.  The remaining vestiges of the estate itself where a little disappointing but the history behind Bannerman himself was pretty interesting.  He basically made his fortune selling arms and other items from various wars and other artifacts of interest to collectors.  Here is a page from one of his catalogs:

And here are photos of the castle and the summer residence (all but the building exteriors were destroyed in a fire in 1969).

Saturday evening, Adam and I got dinner with our friends Liliane and Mike at Hecho en Dumbo, a Mexican restaurant downtown.  The food was good but it was annoyingly popular.  Sunday, I went birdwatching for the first time in a year with a local birding group.  I was hoping to see a lot of birds because of the fall migration and we did see a fair number of birds, but none of the colorful varietal that I like.  A photo taken in Highland Park below.


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