Lower East Side mini food tour

Unfortunately, I don’t get down to the Lower East Side often, particularly during the day but Saturday, I had an appointment for a haircut so after my appointment I took the opportunity to check out some places that had been on my list for a while.  I stopped by Hester Street Fair but was disappointed to see only a few food vendors–the only one that sounded somewhat enticing was one selling empanadas.  I ordered the roasted chicken empanada and was taken aback to see corn, peas, and carrots inside but it was pretty good.  One empanada a lunch does not make and I was hoping to finally go to Baohaus, particularly with the closure of Mantao a number of months ago but, alas, they weren’t opening until late that day.  I was going to go to Bereket for their red lentil soup and a stuffed grape leaf but when I stopped off at The Meatball Shop to pick up my take-out order, I noticed a very appealing looking dish emerging from the kitchen and decided to stay there and order it.  It’s called Everything but the Kitchen Sink and it’s basically three meatballs with sauce of your choosing atop a large plate of seasonal greens.  Not a combination I would have ever though of but it worked and I felt like I consumed my monthly requirement of veggies in one sitting.

I also picked up a toasted almond donut from Doughnut Plant which I ate for breakfast the next morning–perhaps I’m just not that into donuts but I was disappointed.  Maybe I should stick with cream puffs.


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