Seattle, Days 1 and 2

The day I arrived in Seattle was one of those beautiful fall days–blue skies (which I understand is not to be taken for granted in Seattle), brisk but not cold weather.  My brother showed me around his new home–a bright, cheery house with lots of windows and sun–and then we went for a walk around the lake that’s a mere three blocks from his home.

There were lots of people on the lake’s perimeter path and I envied those with dogs.  We got an early dinner at a Thai/Laotian restaurant and then walked around the University District.  On Thursday, we got lunch at a popular Chinese noodle shop in the International District and then hopped on a ferry across to Bainbridge Island and drove to Bloedel Reserve.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident beaver mentioned on their website but the woman at the visitor’s center looked quizzical when I asked about the beaver and, indeed, there was no beaver appearance during our visit.  It was still a lovely place–lots of natural areas and a few gardens.

After Bloedel, we drove to the commercial area within Bainbridge, walked around a bit, got ice cream from Mora Iced Creamery and then caught a return ferry back to Seattle.


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