Vancouver, Day II

I wanted to check out a few stores before we checked out of our hotel so I went for a short walk around the neighborhood we were staying in and was happy to see a nice mix of uses including a mall, a variety of shops, a university, and various restaurants within a relatively small radius. After checking out, we stopped off at a neighborhood within the city boundaries for lunch and then headed out to our first destination, the International Buddhist Temple.

After the Buddhist temple, we drove past acres of farmland to a Reifel Bird Sanctuary, located on a small peninsula south of downtown Vancouver.  The sanctuary was largely a duck haven, containing hundreds of mallards and other ducks that seemed happy to have a sanctuary largely to their own.

At one point, we saw a few cranes–a first for me.  I was thrilled just to see them at all and was surprised when they walked directly to us and what I assumed was the male of the bunch proceeded to stare us down.

We managed to edge our way past them and saw a couple feeding chickadees with birdseed from their hand.  I’d always wanted to do this and asked if we could have some birdseed which she kindly obliged.

It was raining hard by the time we left the sanctuary and we headed back to Seattle.


One Response to “Vancouver, Day II”

  1. Mike Kao Says:

    Loved this, had lots of fun, the bird sanctuary was awesome! =)

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