Last two days in Seattle

On Sunday, we decided to go to Ballard and check out The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks.  Adam and I had gone when we were in Seattle many moons ago and I remembered how cool seeing the salmon run was.  This time, unfortunately it was past salmon run season but we got to see the locks in action which was neat.

Afterwards, we went to Ballard Farmer’s Market (so many leafy greens and other autumnal produce!) where I picked up some ingredients for dinner, walked around Ballard a little bit, stopped off at Whole Foods to pick up a few remaining ingredients, and then I cooked dinner–chicken sausage in a cream sauce over fresh leek spaghetti with sides of cabbage and dinosaur kale.  For an improvisational dinner, it was pretty good.

Monday was my last day and after a late start, I caught a bus to downtown Seattle where I perused a few stores and did a quick run-through of Pike Place Market.

To my chagrin, nearly all the stores and stalls within the market closed by 6:00 and downtown Seattle was pretty empty by then.  One of the few places that was open was the Seattle Art Museum.

My brother and I had our final meal at a really good restaurant that boasted an all day happy hour on Sundays and Mondays that included a half-price discount on the majority of their entrees (wish this existed in New York City!)

The trip to Seattle was a memorable one not only because of the things we did but because it was a rare opportunity to spend time with my brother.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of each other in the future!


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