Christmas in L.A.

After a two-year hiatus, Adam and I returned to L.A. for Christmas, flying out on the holiday itself.  Unfortunately, this meant we had only one day to spend with my sister and her boyfriend, who were flying out the next day but we made the most of it.  Save for the short overlap with my sister, our timing couldn’t have been better–New York City was hit with the huge snowstorm the next day and I spent the rest of the week looking at images of the snow and reading accounts from a computer, grateful we were in L.A. where it was warm and generally sunny.  We ate a lot–my grandmother’s assistant is an excellent cook and cooked a ton of food each evening for dinner and we tried different restaurants each day for lunch.  I also checked out my cousin’s new club, a venue featuring rotating art installations and performances, chanced upon a storefront that housed a collection of movie set pieces created by Parke Meek, a designer and engineer who worked with Eames and Buckminster Fuller, and made wontons from scratch, including the wrappers.  The week flew by so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to go to Venice Boardwalk (a first, as far as my annual visits to L.A. goes) or eat an In-N-Out burger.  Hopefully we’ll get to these next year!

Lunch at Simpang Asia

Lunch at Ramenya

Art installation at the Giant Robot pop-up shop

Making wontons

Vegetarian wonton filling



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