Barcelona, Day 2

Even though our room was quiet, I had trouble sleeping possibly because of jet lag and was woken around 6 am by a man within the building calling out every minute continuously until shortly before we left around 9.  I wanted to get hot chocolate and churros in the Born district but La Boqueria market was right in front of us when we got out of the Metro stop so we decided to explore the market.  La Boqueria is a feast of for the eyes and easy to enjoy when it’s not super-crowded like it was when we had gone there on our previous trip.  There were so many vegetables, fruits, meats, and fish that you don’t find in the States and it was fun seeing all the market stalls.  Adam and I love food markets and I think this definitely ranks among the top that we’ve seen.

So many juevos

And mushrooms

Blocks of tuna--I could have eaten them all

Candy, anyone?

Adam and I picked up some fresh juices (passion fruit–yum!) and headed over to La Granja where we ordered xocolatas and I picked up churros from Xurreria a few doors down.

We walked around the Born district which was nice and empty, stopping off at a contemporary art museum and this market, and then got lunch at this place.  Lunch was ok–we shared potatoes with eggs and spring onions and rice cooked in squid ink with ailioli which was pretty good but we were both disappointed by our fish dishes.

Born district

Market stall with a large variety of tomatoes

Including the very cool Heart of Christ tomato

After lunch, we headed over to Aire de Barcelona, an Arab bathhouse we had gone to previously when we were in Sevilla.  We loved it the last time but this branch was pretty crowded and not as enjoyable.  We actually felt antsy after about an hour and decided to cut our bathhouse session short and resume exploring a little more of the Born district before heading back to our hotel.

Love the spelling of this drink!

The Magic Fountain almost deserves it’s own post if only because of all the photogenic opportunities it affords.  The Magic Fountain features a popular light and music show which Adam and I tried in vain seeing during our last trip.  Fortunately, I had the schedule of the shows this time around and our hotel happened to be near the famous fountain.  We got there just as the show began and the opening song was a funny falsetto song about Barcelona that reminded me of Queen.  It was impressive though and I thought that would be it until the next half hour mark but the shows continued on through the night with different songs and different fountain and light displays.  It’s a spectacle that’s hard not to enjoy and one I do recommend.

Once we had gotten our fill of the Magic Fountain, we walked over the this tapas place.  The tapas were quite good–not the best tapas we had during our trip but definitely solid.

Roast beef sandwich, anyone?

Adam loved these eggplants fried with brown sugar


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