Cape Town & Environs, Day 4

As with all our previous trips, I had done extensive research to find our guides, accommodations, potential restaurants, and to map out our itinerary.  Dissatisfied with the conventional resources on restaurants, I turned to local food blogs and came across a blogger who also did tours of the winelands around Cape Town.  Excited, I contacted her and booked her when she sent me a list of potential wineries based on our wine preferences.  Since she knew a lot about the local restaurants I also plied her with questions over the next few months and she always responded with enthusiasm and authority.  I was excited about meeting her and we knew we were fortunate from the moment we stepped into her van.  Pam had tons of insight in everything from politics to wine to share along with some good stories thrown in for good measure.  Our first stop was an annual craft fair at a winery outside Cape Town.  The grounds were lovely and I was super excited about going to a craft fair in South Africa which was not unlike the Renegade Craft Fair here in the States.  I went through the craft fair quickly, since we only had a limited amount of time, but managed to pick up a few things.

We had some wine to try so after the craft fair, we headed over to our first wine estate.  They had a courtyard so we sampled wines outside and chatted while Adam played with the resident dog, Lily.  We took a quick walk around afterwards, admiring the views.

The views around Stellenbosch were lovely.

Our next stop was Stark Conde, a wine estate with beautiful mountain views and a tasting room set within a lake, a tranquil setting to do some wine tastings.

We had reservations for lunch at a wine estate restaurant so we made our way over there.  The road leading up to the restaurant was lushly planted and the restaurant itself probably one of the fanciest ones we’ve dined in.  The salads were disappointing but I enjoyed my entree.

We walked around afterwards, taking note of the kitchen, which was well framed by its entrance.

The views were impressive.

We then made our way over to our next wine estate.  This one had a bucolic feel and I had to admire the numerous weaver’s nests punctuating the trees outside the tasting room.

After Delheim, it was onto our next and final wine estate, Simonsig.  We were treated to quite a number of their wines, many of which were quite exceptional.  After we returned to Cape Town, we walked around checking out various restaurants before settling on a restaurant which turned out to be lackluster but not at all reflective of our impressions of Cape Town and its lovely surroundings.


One Response to “Cape Town & Environs, Day 4”

  1. capefusiontours Says:

    Love your photos – the wine estates look magical!

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