Morning hike and hanging out with an elephant

We had some time before our departure, so we took the opportunity to walk along the Kruger Park fence in the morning.  It was lovely–there was a river along this part of Kruger and we saw Cape buffalo and hippos by the river and a few birds during our walk.  The first time we saw Cape buffalo, Werner told us that some people say that they look at you the way an ex-wife looks at an ex-spouse who owes her money.

Our lodge offered a number of excursions and I had been hoping to go to the Swaziland Cultural Village but, unfortunately, it was not open so we opted for the elephant interaction excursion.  When we got to the reserve with the elephants, we were informed that the female elephant had escaped the day before.  Unfortunately, this was also the more cooperative of the elephants and the one who played soccer.  But they talked about elephants and had the male elephant demonstrate his strong sense of smell by having us take off our shoes and having him return each shoe to its appropriate owner.  I had an opportunity to touch the elephant and take photos with it and the elephant happily cooperated since it was being fed pellets non-stop.  Then he decided he was thirsty and he walked over to the water faucet, turned it on with his trunk, and drank happily for the next half hour.

After we parted ways with the elephant, Werner dropped us off at the airport where we promptly found out that most of the day’s flights had been cancelled and our flight was postponed due to the fog that enshrouded the airport.  We waited by our gate for several hours before they decided to cancel our flight.  Fortunately, I had gotten a list of local hotels before our flight was cancelled, called one and found they had a vacancy.  One of the airline representatives found a taxi driver for us and we were on our way.  Our taxi driver was very nice and friendly and he agreed to take us back to the airport the next morning.

Our room was small but functional, we ordered in dinner, watched a little TV, and went to bed.


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