New day, new location

We had a morning flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg and a later flight from Johannesburg to Nelspruit so we had a full day of flying and waiting around in the airport for our next flight ahead of us.  When we checked in, the airline representative coached us not to check in our luggage at Johannesburg until about an hour before the scheduled departure as we would be less likely to have our luggage rummaged through if we did so so we followed his advice.  We had four and a half hours to kill after arriving at the airport in Johannesburg but, as it turned out, it wasn’t such a bad airport to get stuck in.  It was surprisingly clean and had a lot of shops and a large food court.  Our first stop was Nando’s, famous for its peri-peri chicken.  I ordered some chicken for the both of us–it was surprisingly spicy.  After checking out some of the shops, we had the second part of our lunch, bunny chow–basically Indian curry stuffed within a block of bread.

Considering we ordered it from a fast food Indian joint in an airport food court it was surprisingly good.  Happily full, we boarded our flight to Nelspruit, where we were met by the owner of the safari lodge we were staying in.  As we exited the airport parking lot, we saw several impala on a small triangular lawn and sensed that we had arrived in the area bordering Kruger National Park.

Tim was quiet and soft-spoken but he impressed us with his story of kayaking the Zambezi River, contracting malaria along the way and ending his journey only when he was attacked by a crocodile and escaped by plunging an oar down its mouth.  On our way to the lodge, we saw kudu and when we arrived at the lodge we saw a warthog and its baby foraging around the backyard.  The lodge was nice–with a nice communal room and a deck overlooking Kruger National Park.  Our room was nice as well and we cooled down in the air-conditioned room before dinner.  We received a knock on our door when dinner was ready and we were lead to an enclosed yard to the side of the lodge that was lit with candles.  It was very romantic and probably the first time we’ve eaten by candlelight outdoors.  When we retired to our room, we noticed we had a number of insect friends that decided to keep us company and closed the curtain when we noticed the lights in our room were attracting a whole slew of insects.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by one of the biggest thunder storm/lighting storms I’ve ever witnessed–light was flashing through our windows quite frequently and pretty soon, our power was out.  Adam slept through the storm like a baby.


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