Panorama Tour

We had a tour booked for our first day and our guide, Justin, picked us up at the lodge that morning.  Our first stop was a town with a bunch of shops.  One of the stores sold silk products and made, processed, and wove its products in-house.

We stopped off at a scenic site and then to see a waterfall.

We then stopped off at another place with nice views of Blyde River Canyon and Justin was kind enough to bring us to a secret spot with his favorite view in the area.

Our next stop was at a small town for lunch, savory pancakes cooked South African style.  Then it was onto Bourkes Luck Potholes.

Along the way, Justin regaled us with tales of working as a guide on a 20+ day overland tour, getting kicked in the knee by a giraffe, and the perks of working as a guide in South Africa.  He took a short cut back and we encountered cattle on the road along the way.

We returned to the lodge, relaxed for a bit, and then convened for dinner at the side yard.  This time, we were joined by a group of Swedes staying at the lodge along with the resident guide.  It was nice conversing with other guests and, after dinner, one of them shared the photos he had taken during his safari drives.  They were extremely good and very impressive and made me excited about our upcoming safari drives.  Unfortunately, while standing outside in the deck, me and another woman seemed to be the target of many insects, which seemed content to fly around our faces and underneath our clothing.  Eventually, we retired and I was woken up by another thunderstorm, not as dramatic as the night prior but followed again by a loss of power which lasted until the morning.  This meant no air conditioning and uncomfortably warm evening.


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