The journey back

We headed back to the airport in the morning and hoped that our scheduled flight would not be delayed.  I took the opportunity to hop online to do a little research on Johannesburg and inform my job that I would not be at work the next day.  Fortunately, our flight was only slightly delayed and it was an easy flight back to Johannesburg.  Following the recommendation of one of the front desk people at our hotel in Cape Town, we took the high-speed train from the airport to Sandton City, an easy 20-minute ride.  We walked to Nelson Mandela Square and ate lunch at an African restaurant overlooking the square.  The food was quite good and we enjoyed a really good pinotage and Adam happily agreed that spending time this way was much better than killing time at the airport.  We checked out the adjacent mall which was huge and then walked back to the train station and caught a train back to the airport.

After checking out some of the airport shops, I made my way to the gate for our flight.  I started talking to a woman sitting near us who grew up in South Africa but had been living in the U.S. for the past ten or so years and to a guy who was taking his first trip outside of South Africa to visit his brother in New York and who had been working a guide at Kruger for seven years.  Then it was time to board the plane and part ways with South Africa.


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