Istanbul, Day 2

Our second day in Istanbul started out as a rainy one.  We walked over to Gulhane Park and, despite our early start, found that the crowds had already descended upon Topkapi Palace.  The rooms that featured the palace collections were filled with tourists so we could only get glimpses of the palace treasures, including a very noteworthy diamond.  Fortunately, other areas of the palace were less crowded and we were able to enjoy the decor and tiles of the palace interiors and the harem.

After the palace, we went to the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and then went for a stroll through Gulhane Park which was lined with colorful tulips.

We stopped off for lunch at an esnaf lokantasi (a Turkish restaurant serving inexpensive, home-style food) and stopped off at the New Mosque.

We walked through the Spice Bazaar which was crowded but colorful.

We then stopped off at the Rustem Pasha Mosque.

After our tour through Eminonu, we made our way north via a series of trams and funiculars to two shopping malls in Levent.  It was the first time I think I’ve had to go through security to go to a mall.  After browsing the malls, we made our way back to Beyoglu.  Unfortunately, two of the restaurants I had wanted to try required reservations so we ended up eating at another lokantasi, though this one was very good.  This eatery really did seem like an extension of someone’s kitchen–the food was homey and very good and, judging from the fact that we were surrounded by locals, I think it’s safe to assume that other people appreciated this aspect of the restaurant.


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