Cappadocia, Day 1

After catching our early morning flight to Selcuk, we were picked up at the airport and driven over to our hotel.  As we pulled into Goreme, we peered out at the cone shaped formations dotting the landscape around us.

As we checked into our hotel I asked about Zelve Open Air Museum, and the proprietor dismissed our idea of going there that day, noting that it was not possible to do everything in three days.  Fortunately, he underestimated us.  We first walked over to Goreme Open Air Museum and stopped off to take pictures of this evil eye tree

Goreme Open Air Museum was filled with tourists and tour groups filled many of the small cave dwellings, making them inaccessible.  The highlight was the Dark Church which was filled with impressive frescoes but was also off limits to cameras so, unfortunately, I have no photos to share.  After Goreme Open Air Museum, we took a taxi over to Zelve Open Air Museum which was notably free of visitors and more impressive then Goreme Open Air Museum, we thought.

Zelve Open Air Museum millstone

I had noticed another tourist attraction on our ride over and our driver had indicated it was less than a mile away so we decided to walk over.  Much of the walk was unshaded and the sun strong so the walk seemed a little longer than it perhaps was.  We made it to our destination though and it was worth the trek.


We walked over to a cafe across the street afterwards to see if someone could call a taxi for us and the person we spoke to explained he would charge less than a taxi driver so we agreed to have him drive us back to Goreme.  I gave him the name of a restaurant to drop us off at and he ended up bringing us to a restaurant owned by one of his friends instead.  We took a nap back at our hotel and then set out again in search of Sunset Point which we managed to find before the sun set.

We had dinner at rooftop terrace restaurant, enjoying the views and our first night in Goreme.


One Response to “Cappadocia, Day 1”

  1. capefusiontours Says:

    It looks so magical – I wish it was part of my trip!

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