Cappadocia, Day 2

After waking up early, I realized that it would probably be a good opportunity to catch the hot air balloons Cappadocia is famous for, since they typically launch early.  I walked over to our hotel terrace area in time to catch the sun rise and some of the hot air balloons.

At the recommendation of the aforementioned hotel proprietor, we reserved spots for a group tour and were picked up in front of our hotel.  Our first stop was Mustafapasa, a former Greek village.

Our next stop was a cave church in Soganli Valley.

Keslik Monastery

Keslik Monastery

We then stopped off at a late Roman/early Byzantine excavation site and then went on a short hike of Soganli Valley.

Man playing instrument in Soganli Valley

Soganli Valley

During lunch, we exchanged travel stories with the rest of the group and had an opportunity to buy Turkish dolls being sold by local women.

Then it was onto our final destination, Derinkuyu Underground City.  Unfortunately, the lighting was too poor for my camera to take good photos but the history of the place was interesting and I had to respect those who had spent months at a time living underground–after only 30 minutes in there, my stomach was hurting from the cold and damp.

It was our wedding anniversary and we had dinner at our hotel restaurant after previously made plans fell through.  Fortunately, the restaurant was one of the nicest in town and we both liked the soup I ordered, a Turkish wedding soup, and Adam loved his appetizer, Turkish salami broiled with tomatoes, and I finally got to try manti.

Manti at Seten Restaurant

We were originally going to eat elsewhere the following night, but after enjoying the food at Seten, we decided we would make a repeat visit the next night!


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