Return to Istanbul, Day 3

Our last day in Istanbul and we had a full day planned.  First stop was the Hagia Sophia which we didn’t quite match up to our expectations though it had a nice Islamic art exhibit.

Our next stop was the Basilica Cistern which was, unfortunately, too dark for my camera to take good photos of.  Then we had a ferry to catch–I had read that it was advisable to get there 30-45 minutes before departure time to get a good seat but with all the sightseeing we squeezed in beforehand, we got there less then 30 minutes beforehand and found ourselves without seats.  It was a crowded boat but not unpleasant ride which was definitely brightened when we saw dolphins.

We got off the ferry in Sariyer and enjoyed the walk over to the Sadberk Hanim Museum.

After the museum, we hopped on a bus to go to Emirgan, had lunch at a popular restaurant near Emirgan Park, and then walked over to Sakip Sabanci Museum.

Sakip Sanbanci Museum

Views from the museum

We caught another bus headed for Taksim.  We enjoyed the views of the Bosphorus from the bus but the bus filled up quickly and the road filled with traffic so by the time the bus came to a standstill at an intersection, Adam was ready to disembark so we got off in what turned out to be Ortakoy and walked south towards Dolmabahce Palace.  I started to tire so we hopped in a cab and headed over to a mall located near the restaurant we would be having dinner in.  After browsing the shops, we headed over to the restaurant. We started out with a few mezes including this tasty one.


I had pre-ordered their famous chicken baked in salt and we weren’t disappointed both by the dish’s presentation and the dish itself.

Our dinner encased in a salt dome which is on fire

Our waiter takes a mallet to the salt dome

At last, dinner is served

After dinner, we picked up a bottle of wine from a nearby supermarket and headed back to our hotel.  It was our last night in Istanbul and I was sad to leave Turkey and the lovely city by the sea but, hopefully, more travels are in our future.


4 Responses to “Return to Istanbul, Day 3”

  1. capefusiontours Says:

    Hi Jennifer! i am off to Turkey at the end of the month! So it is great to see your blog on everything! Sending you guys lots of warm regards from Cape Town!

    • just another girl Says:

      Very cool–where in Turkey do you plan on going? Make sure to eat at Ciya Sofrasi in Istanbul!

  2. TheOutdoorNewYorker Says:

    You guys packed in so much on this trip! I’m impressed! Nice pics too. Can’t wait to hear the stories you left out over dinner!

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