The next day, we had a private day trip scheduled in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Our first stop was a small historic town whose name I’ve forgotten.

We then stopped off at Hutovo Blato, a nature reserve outside of Mostar.  We were told that we would need to take a boat to do any birdwatching.  Apparently, they hadn’t been expecting anyone to come by and we stood on the bank as a park staff person tried to remove water from the base of the boat.  My one attempt at birdwatching was a bust as any birds that were on the river were scared off the boat’s engine so all that we saw was the backs of birds as they flew away.  Our guide then brought us to Mostar, which was disappointingly small and touristy—we realized quickly that it was basically a tourist trap anchored by a famous bridge.

I’m going to rebel and post a photo of the town’s small bridge instead of its famous one

Lunch, however, was surprisingly good—comprised of stuffed peppers and onions, grilled meatballs, and fried meat patties amusingly called Bosnian cookies.

We made the three hour drive back to Dubrovnik largely in silence, save for our guide’s animated response when I asked what he thought of Croatia’s plans to join the European Union.  For dinner, we went to a restaurant known for their rooster.  The restaurant was located off the beaten track, in a dark plaza visited by few, and we were the only ones there for the duration of our dinner.


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