Dubrovnik, Day 1

The weather in Dubrovnik, at least when we went, was pretty variable—breaks of sun would quickly turn into light or heavy rain but, overall, the weather gods did not shine on us while we were in Dubrovnik.  “It was nice yesterday,” we were told by the taxi driver who met us at the airport—”I spent the day at the beach”.  “Maybe you brought the rain with you,” the owner of our apartment joked (it didn’t seem implausible, considering we had just come from London).

After checking into our apartment, we decided to go out for lunch and seeing that it was pouring outside, I abandoned any plans to check out one of the restaurants on my list and we ducked for cover in the restaurant at the base of our building, which the owner of our apartment had recommended.  Bad choice.  Adam’s fish soup tasted like chicken noodle soup, he noted and the black risotto with cuttlefish I ordered was made with regular rice and scant pieces of cuttlefish.  We wanted to check out War Photo Limited before they closed for both the day and the season and it did a good job of conveying the terrors of the Balkan War.  A visit to the Franciscan Monastery & Museum which contains the third oldest pharmacy in Europe proved to be a disappointment—the pharmacy was very small and did not look particularly historic.  Noticing a break in the bad weather, we decided to walk the city walls, which was a highlight of the city for me.  As soon as we ascended the stairs leading up to the walls, we noticed the beautiful ocean views.  And views of both the ocean and the Old City continued as we made our way across the walls.

We pretty much finished seeing everything on my list by 3:00, so we got a gelato and then headed over to D’vino Wine Bar to while away the hours before dinner.  For dinner, we went to Rosario, where I ordered what was to be my first of a number of pasta truffle dishes.  Our waiter proudly claimed that Mario Batali had been in Dubrovnik about a month before and ate at their restaurant on three occasions.


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