Pula & Rovinj

We walked over to the arena shortly after it opened and were able to have it to ourselves for a good fifteen minutes or so.




After the arena, I debated whether we should catch a bus to Rovinj  or spend the rest of the morning in Pula and we decided to opt for the latter.  We checked out the archaeological museum, another amphitheater and then came across a hilly area with nice views of the city, before we came across another museum which featured a nice glass exhibit and old items of the city.

We then made our way to the bus station and took a bus to Rovinj.  The views of grape and olive fields and farms captured my attention.  We arrived in Rovinj and walked along the waterfront and then made our way to the restaurant where we would be having lunch.  Adam ordered steamed mussels and a mixed seafood platter and I ordered truffle ravioli.  The mussels were deliciously garlicky and my ravioli were divine—truffle, pasta, and cream goodness topped with pomegranate seeds which added a perfect amount of crunch and sweetness to the dish.

Not much to look at but oh so yummy

After lunch, we walked up to the Church of St Euphemia.  The church, unfortunately, was closed but the views from the plaza around the church were very nice.  After the church, we walked the streets of Rovinj—we lucked out weather-wise—even though rain had been forecasted, this was our first fully sunny day in Croatia.  The streets were eerily quiet and many of the shops were closed—it was off-season in Rovinj.  We had a late afternoon bus to catch back to Pula and ended up being the only passengers until about 15 minutes outside of Pula.  As the bus left Rovinj, I noticed a lovely sunset over the waterfront area and we kept our heads turned while Adam shot some nice photos.  After we arrived in Pula, we headed out for dinner—we tried to find one restaurant only to discover they were closed so we backtracked to another restaurant where I had the local pasta known as fuzi with a ragu-type sauce and was happy to see they had glazed pear on the dessert menu and happily indulged in one of my favorite desserts.


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