Zagreb, Day 1

We had an early morning flight to catch to Zagreb and, after arriving we took a little nap before heading out.  Unfortunately, it was raining hard and we discovered that, because of a national holiday, all museums and many restaurants were closed.  The only things that were open were food stores and churches and they didn’t provide enough refuge from the heavy rain.  We did catch this noteworthy scene after seeing that a restaurant I had wanted to try was closed.

We were pretty soaked by the time we arrived at our lunch destination.  Adam ordered something that took a while to make so, fortunately, this gave us some time to dry off.  I ordered a porcini pasta dish which was quite good and Adam enjoyed his steak.  We started to make our way back to our hotel when I realized there was a break in the rain so we decided to take advantage of this fact and decided to join the throngs of people boarding buses to Mirogoj Cemetery.  Mirogoj Cemetery is a pretty and expansive cemetery and was filled with people paying respects to their loved ones.

After leaving the cemetery and catching a bus back to Zagreb we retired to our hotel room and then headed back out for dinner.  Gallo was one of the few better restaurants that was open and I did not regret our choice–I had a fantastic black risotto with cuttlefish and we shared a bottle of really good Istrian white wine.  We stumbled back to our hotel happy.



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