Back to Zagreb

We planned on catching an early morning bus back to Zagreb but, even the best laid plans can be derailed by Croatia’s transportation system.  We waited for a bus that never came and headed back to our hotel to wile away the hours until the next scheduled bus.  While waiting for the latter morning bus, a local taxi driver drove by to see if we were interested in a cab ride back to Zagreb for about 150 Euros.  This exceeded the bus fare considerably so we declined.  Not long after, we were joined by another person hoping to catch the bus and we started chatting when the taxi driver came back, offering to take us back to Zagreb for 150kuna per person, a much better deal than his initial offer.  Fearing a repeat of our first attempt at catching the bus, we took him up on his offer and boarded his vehicle.  Using our presence as an advertisement for his services, he was able to collect two more passengers and we made our way up to Zagreb.  We spoke to the girl we met at the bus stop, who was doing a Fulbright fellowship as a teacher in Budapest and shared travel experiences.

When we arrived in Zagreb, Adam and I had lunch at a restaurant Eda recommended, then parted ways to pursue our own explorations.  We reunited for dinner at Gallo where we enjoyed a dinner of fuzi with porcini mushrooms, gnocchi with black truffle, and more black risotto.  Our waiter remarked that we were lucky to be traveling when we had, skirting the storm back in New York and we had to agree.  The timing of our vacation couldn’t have been much more fortuitous.


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