Lima, Day 3

Our last day in Lima and we had a full day planned.  First stop, El Centro, Lima’s historic center which houses many of its colonial buildings.  Our taxi driver, who was rather distinguished looking, dropped us off cautioning us to be careful as the neighborhood had a reputation for being unsafe.  After checking out a small museum which appeared to be visited primarily by school groups and Latin American tourists, judging from the guestbook, we walked past many printing businesses to our next destination.  I had only intended on checking out the building facade but we decided to peek inside the building courtyard when we were met by the building’s friendly caretaker.  He ushered over the resident cat  and Adam took out a small soccer ball which the cat promptly batted around the courtyard.  The caretaker kindly offered to take us on a tour of the building and gave us some background on the building as we explored the building interior.

Casa de Osambela Oquendo interior A photo 1

Street view from one of the building's five balconies

Street view from one of the building’s five balconies

The highlight, however, was the was the views of the tops of surrounding buildings from the rooftop.

Not one of rooftop views but another shot of the building

This isn’t one of the impressive views mentioned above but I did shoot this from the building rooftop

It was a lovely unexpected tour of a cool historic building in downtown Lima.

Adios Casa de Osambela!

Adios Casa de Osambela!

Unfortunately, the Presidential Palace was closed but we couldn’t help but notice the riot police stationed across the street from the building.

Lima Centro riot police

We checked out a few churches and a cool museum featuring currency from Peru spanning the ages as well as bills from countries around the world.  Then we got lunch at a restaurant inside a colonial building run by a French order of nuns.  After lunch, we hopped in a taxi to head off to the Museo Arqueologico Rafael Larco.  The museum had one room containing glass cases filled with Peruvian pottery

Museo Rafael Larco- A photo

When I saw the museum restaurant, Iwas sad we didn’t have lunch there.

Museo Rafael Larco Cafe del Museo- A photo

Fortunately, we had some time to spare before dinner so we headed back to the hotel to relax.  I took the opportunity to try one of the fruits I had purchased, cherimoya, or a custard apple.  It was very sweet and, well, custardy.  Then it was off to the neighborhood where the restaurant we had reservations for was located.  I regretted not getting there earlier after discovering it was located on a street lined with upscale shops–the Madison Avenue of Lima perhaps?

Dinner was at Osaka, a fusion Peruvian/Japanese restaurant.  We sat at the sushi bar and ordered drinks and food.  I loved my drink and the dishes I ordered but, sadly, the service was really bad and even after Adam asked to look at the menu again, our waiter never returned to take his order.



Mini steamed buns with pork shoulder

Mini steamed buns with pork shoulder

Grilled tuna with lucama sauce over potato puree

Grilled tuna with lucama sauce over potato puree


5 Responses to “Lima, Day 3”

  1. xin Says:

    Hello I chanced upon ur blog post on fodder. I am planning a trip to lima soon. Did you have to make special arrangements to hire a taxi or you could just hail one off the streets? I can’t speak Spanish and I intend to head to museo larco on my own instead of joining a tour. Not sure if that is advisable. Any tips will be useful. Thanks!

    • just another girl Says:

      You can just hail a taxi from the street but I recommend writing down the address to give to the driver, particularly if you don’t speak Spanish. You shouldn’t have any problem going to Museo Larco on your own. The restaurant there looks really nice.

      • xin Says:

        Thanks! I got a bit concerned abt getting ard in taxis because I read that not all taxis are registered/official and there are no meters so the price has to be negotiated before getting in. Haha kind of difficult if we can’t speak much Spanish.

  2. xin Says:

    Great foodie posts too! That is also my reason for spending a few days in lima. What would be your top restaurant recommendation?

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