Amazon trip, Day 2

It was another early morning as we were returning to the lek in hopes of seeing the cock of the rocks display. They didn’t display as much as the prior evening but I did manage to snap this photo:

cock of the rock

After spending about an hour at the lek, we walked back to the lodge to eat breakfast and watch hummingbirds.  Our guide caught a blue butterfly for us to see.

Cock of the Rock lodge butterfly

Then we boarded the van and stopped off at a small sanctuary.

Manu sanctuary green parrot

Baby capuchin monkey

Baby capuchin monkey

We drove some distance before arriving at a small town, where the two other guests would be boarding a boat for the next leg of their journey.  As we waited for the boat arrangements to be made, I snapped this photo:


A man approached our guide and they spoke for a bit–turns out, he was a Russian tourist wanted to make arrangements for a boat to take him downriver so he could explore the Amazon for a few days.  He had nothing booked and spoke no Spanish and our guide was at a loss as to how to help him.  We walked around a little and then our guide said that we would have an opportunity to go for a short boat ride.

Madre de Dios A photo 1

Adam and I were thrilled–we’d get to go for a boat ride in the Amazon!  We put on our life jackets and scanned the waters of the Madre de Dios.  Blue morpho butterflies fluttered across the river.  We pulled up to some flat rocks where we disembarked to have lunch.  I was hoping our journey would continue after lunch but, alas, the boat drove us back to the dock and our brief boat ride was over.  As we left the boat, Adam and I noticed the Russian tourist board a boat, glaring as we walked past.

The drive back to the lodge was a hot one and by the time we returned to the lodge I had a headache and realized that we had been shortchanged on our one full day in the Amazon in order to transport the other guests to their boat.  I was pretty upset but was drowsy from the heat and took a nap to rest up for our afternoon walk.  We met our guide to walk some of the lodge’s trails in search of manakins and other birds.  Unfortunately, the walk was a bust which only added to my frustration.  Adam took advantage of the walk to take some nice forest shots.

Cock of the Rock lodge Monkey Trail sign A photo

Manu Cloud Forest fern bud A photo

We returned to our lodge and then reconvened with our guide and driver for dinner.  I had planned on sharing my thoughts about the day with our guide but then decided against doing so after he told us about being heartbroken by a Austrian girlfriend when she returned to Austria and neglected to call or e-mail him after they had decided to marry the following year.


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