Machu Picchu

I’ve seen Machu Picchu a number of times on television but seeing it in person made me understand why so many tourists flock to Peru to see it for themselves.  The expanse of impressive ruins, the surroundings, and the history really make it a special place.  Legs still sore from the hike, we stepped gingerly up steps to explore some of the buildings as Alex gave us a tour.  I wish we could have spent longer exploring Machu Picchu but, unfortunately, we had a train to catch back in Aguas Calientes and we had agreed to meet Alex and the rest of our group beforehand for lunch.

Machu Picchu environs 1

Machu Picchu 3

Machu Picchu 4

Machu Picchu 5

Sun Temple

Sun Temple

Machu Picchu 10

Machu Picchu 11

Machu Picchu 13

After we returned to Aguas Calientes, we walked around the town for a bit and then got lunch with the rest of the group at a Peruvian-French fusion restaurant where Adam ordered a nicely presented salad.

El Indio Feliz avocado salad

After lunch, we caught the train back to Ollayantaytambo.  We took the Vistadome train this time (a higher class train from the one we took the previous day) and were treated to a Saqra dance followed by a fashion show by train employees donning alpaca ponchos and sweaters.  From Ollayantaytambo, we took a taxi back to Cusco.  After unwinding at our hotel, we went to the Museo de Arte Precolombino and then walked around San Blas for a bit before getting dinner.  I had a very tasty jugo, or fruit juice and one of the restaurant’s clay pot dishes.  Then it was back to the hotel to pack for the Amazon!


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  1. Sail Exuma Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it and love the photos, especially of MP and also this ‘flower’ salad is really cool.

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