A final day in Cusco

I managed to convince Adam to wake up early so we could squeeze in as many sights as possible our last few hours in Cusco.  I don’t remember all the sights we went to see at this point–there was at least one museum, a monastery, and possibly a church.  We managed to see a fair amount though.

Cusco last day 1

Cusco last day 2

Cusco last day 3

I wanted to squeeze in a little shopping but, unfortunately, lunch turned out to be a slower affair than I had hoped so I only had about half an hour to run around San Blas before I had to return to the hotel to catch our taxi to the airport.  We had a flight from Cusco to Lima, a long layover in Lima during which I chastised myself for not making prior arrangements so we could have taken advantage of those hours to spend a little more time in Lima, and then a connecting flight back to New York.  We both really enjoyed our time in Peru, which made me wonder why we hadn’t visited the country earlier!


2 Responses to “A final day in Cusco”

  1. Sail Exuma Says:

    I was wondering – where are you that there were weavers beneath you? Thought this was a cool shot, and was wondering if it was from your hotel. Thanks.

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